Michael Wesely mit/with Herbert Maschke

Kurfürstendamm am Café Kranzler, Berlin (1962/2023)

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Archival Inkjet Print
sheet size: 28.00 x 40.00 cm
signed, numbered
Edition of 30

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The edition was created in connection with the photo artist's latest project, in which he precisely superimposes his own photographs of urban situations over historical views from the 19th and 20th centuries.The motif shows - like a palimpsest - the situation at the legendary Café Kranzler on Kurfürstendamm then and now. Opened in 1932 and rebuilt in 1957/1958, it was an institution in the west of Berlin for decades and a magical spot in the urban ensemble of this section of the famous promenade. To this day, the exterior of the building has not changed significantly. The photo print condenses the history of this iconic street section with a perspective of the architectural ensemble in the background (Memorial Church, Upper West) into a single, exciting image.

MICHAEL WESELY (*1963) is a master of long exposure photography. His precise use of this photographic technique has made him world-famous. His works are represented in international exhibitions and collections. He lives and works in Berlin.