Irene Andessner

I. M. Dietrich

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The Austrian artist Irene Andessner slips into the roles of historical female figures. In 2001, she spent months pursuing the legend of Marlene Dietrich, transforming herself inwardly and outwardly into the "Divine Dietrich."

She actually married a Mr. Dietrich in Berlin so that she could legally sign her name as "I. M. Dietrich" ("I am Dietrich"). Her action, which drew considerable media attention, is impressively documented in our collector's edition.

(Would you have guessed that the woman in the photograph is not Marlene Dietrich but actually Irene Andessner?) A must for art-lovers and Dietrich fans.
Irene Andessner, who was born in Salzburg, lives and works in Cologne, Vienna, and Venice. 1978: Academy of Visual Art, Venice (Emilio Vedova); 1979: Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna (Max Weiler, Arnulf Rainer); 1982: working grant in Rome; numerous