Sze Tsung Leong

Jebel Al-Ashrafiyyeh, Amman, 2007Parque El Ejido, Quito, 2010

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2 Chromogenic color prints, in folder, with book
Sheet size 40.60 x 50.80 cm each
Image size 25.00 x 45.70 cm each
Signed and numbered
Edition of 20 + 5 AP

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If one were to line up the panoramic photographs that Sze Tsung Leong has created over a period of more than ten years for his series Horizons, they would create a single picture of our world. In his impressive photographs of historical cities or modern metropolises, barren deserts or lush landscapes, the line of the horizon is always positioned on the same level. Through the line, which joins the earth and sky, he unites, as the New York Times wrote, “the verdant green of Germany; the mirage of shimmering towers in Dubai; the urban geometry of Amman, Jordan; the red tiles roofs of Italy.” In the process he illuminates our ordinary perceptions of proximity and distance, familiar and foreign, in a way that is as quiet as it is consequential.

A spacious view of the horizon is also at hand in the fascinating photographs from the series that the artist has selected for the Edition Hatje Cantz. The diptych—featuring photographs of the capitals of Jordan and Ecuador, Amman and Quito—consists of two large, signed, and numbered C-prints in a portfolio, which we are pleased to offer you together with a book of the artist’s photographs.