Jürgen Schadeberg

Cigar Bar, 2000

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Baryta print, handmade by the artist
Sheet size 40.50 cm x 50.60 cm
Image size 30.60 x 45.50 cm
Signed, numbered
Edition of 25 + 3 AP

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In more than fifty-five years, “the father of South African photography,” as Schadeberg is sometimes called, has captured great historical events and figures, as well as countless articulate scenes of daily life, on more than one hundred thousand negatives. We have been able to select a particularly beautiful example for our Edition Hatje Cantz. The photograph was taken in 2000 and features two young women sitting together in a bar, enjoying themselves, laughing, smoking, and drinking. A completely normal snapshot, one might think, but just a decade before, it would have been hard to take this picture, because the bar is in South Africa and the two friends do not have the same skin color.