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Are you interested in starting an art collection but don’t know where to begin? We've put together a selection of our editions from our young, up-and-coming artists that will lay the foundations of your own, private gallery.  


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Julius von Bismarck - Feuer mit Feuer (Shirt), 2019 (L)
Julius von Bismarck Sale price€310,00
Spencer Ostrander - Untitled, #2
Spencer Ostrander Sale priceFrom €750,00
Philipp Deines - Cliff, 2022
Philipp Deines Sale priceFrom €90,00
Kris Graves - ohne Titel, 2023
Kris Graves Sale price€350,00
Chloe Sherman - Dusty and Mary, 1998/2023
Chloe Sherman Sale price€480,00
Elizaveta Porodina - Franzine as Elena F, München, 2020/2023
Elizaveta Porodina Sale price€420,00
Lars Eidinger - Berlin, 2022
Lars Eidinger Sale price€490,00