Lars Eidinger

Berlin, 2022

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Archival Pigment Print
Sheet size 40.00 x 30.00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 50 + 2 AP

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The color green is a recurring theme in Lars Eidinger's photographs, whether in his paradoxical depictions of nature or in the technical version of the "green screen" used on film sets to later incorporate visual effects and image backgrounds in post-production. The set photograph Eidinger chose for our edition shows a complex system of green surfaces, alluding to the dream factory of film as well as to the painterly tradition of the monochrome.

LARS EIDINGER (*1976, Berlin) is one of Germany’s most distinguished actors, acclaimed for his theatrical performances as a longtime ensemble member of Berlin’s Schaubühne, as well as for his unfathomable portrayals in film, marked by a tender sensitivity. Following the publication of his first photobook, Eidinger is giving photography continuously more space as a tool of expression as well as self-exploration.