Hatje Cantz is an international publisher of illustrated books on art, architecture, photography, design, and visual culture, founded by Gerd Hatje in Stuttgart in 1945. Since its inception, Hatje Cantz has been developing and publishing illustrated books with a special focus on quality, both in terms of content and production.

The aim of our publishing activities is to impart knowledge through books containing words and images. In doing so, we inspire ourselves and our audience with topics related to art, culture, and other contemporary themes. Our illustrated books and catalogs are beautifully crafted, compelling, and produced as sustainably as possible. Expanding the experience of art beyond the medium of the book, “Edition Hatje Cantz” publishes works on paper, photographic prints, and art objects in signed, limited editions by specially selected artists.

In the digital age, Hatje Cantz sees itself as a link between artists, museums, authors, galleries, curators, collections, researchers, and a visually curious public interested in art. For this reason, we are consistently experimenting with and developing new forms of digital mediation.  

The publishing house, which is now based in Berlin, is one of the leading international publishers of illustrated books, and currently has around 1,200 titles available. With a team of 25 employees, we develop, accompany and supervise the production of books from the initial idea through editorial development, editing and translation, graphic design, and printing, as well as developing marketing and sales concepts and managing press relations and worldwide distribution.