Nevin Aladağ

It`s Yourz, 3,51 min, 2021 (Vorzugsausgabe mit geprägtem Cover)

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Special edition with embossed cover
Sheet size 21.50 x 27.00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 50

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Nevin Aladag follows the traces of city noises, making objects sound melodies, as if by themselves, in her performances. The result is a perceptive and always humorous "score" that has a quality that is as ironic as it is poetic. In her well-known "Stilettos" series, Aladag collected dance steps by using high heels as embossing stamps to translate songs into an image. This special embossing process is also at work in our special edition, for which she has treated the linen front cover with an embossing hammer. The song she was listening to in the process remains her private experience, recognizable to the outside world only through the title and length of the track that gives the edition its name: It’s Yourz, 3,51 min.