Jorinde Voigt

Immersion Unfolded I, 2019

Immersion Unfolded II, 2019

Immersion Unfolded III, 2019

Immersion Unfolded IV, 2019

Immersion Unfolded V, 2019

Immersion Unfolded VI, 2019

Immersion Unfolded VII, 2019

Immersion Unfolded VIII, 2019

Immersion Unfolded IX, 2019

Immersion Unfolded X, 2019

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Lithography Five colors with four stones and one metal plate on laid paper 250g/m2 (Taborpresse, Berlin)
Sheet size 59.50 x 41.80 cm
Signed, dated, and numbered
Edition of 10 + 2 AP

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Accompanying the new Jorinde Voigt catalogue, which provides a complete overview over her Immersion series, we are pleased to publish a set of lithographs titled Immersion Unfolded I–X as part of the Edition Hatje Cantz. Its central motifs are two spatial bodies suspended in the middle of the picture and overlapping one another. A temporally connoted color shift from dark to light blue points to the sky changing over the course of a morning. Meanwhile, a second color gradient, which changes from a pale flesh tone to a deep red, refers to the human body as an imagined journey from outer skin into the body’s interior. The opposing color gradients are not discernible when looking at a single print—they only become evident when viewing the entire series that is composed of ten individual editions. 

The lithographic printing technique used here enables the artist to perform many different work processes in individual steps and thereby closely approximates her drawing process, marked by the superimposition of very heterogeneous design steps. At the same time, in its variation of the color gradients, the series follows the very logic of the printing process and thereby forms a completely self-contained work of editions.