Slavs and Tatars

Larry Nixed, Trachea Trixed, 2015

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Screenprint on paper Sheet size 70,00 x 50,00 cm Numbered, seal stamped on reverse Edition of 100, 15 of which are offered by Edition Hatje Cantz

The internationally renowned art collective Slavs and Tatars is devoted to the area known as Eurasia: east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China. Considering themselves as “archeologists of the everyday”, the collective focuses on the interplay of religion, power, language and identities. The latest artist book Wripped Scripped continues the collective’s investigation of alphabets as an equally political and affective platform. While the roll-out of new alphabets has often accompanied the rise and fall of empires, the artists attempt to liberate not so much peoples and nations but rather the sounds and letters that make up language.

For the Edition Hatje Cantz, Slavs and Tatars selected the silkscreen print Larry nixed, Trachea trixed.  It looks at various attempts to “Cyrillicize” sounds or phonemes that did not previously exist in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. One of many attempts to extend or embed Soviet influence with a decidedly more sensuous if not sexualized approach to the traditionally cold clinical approach of linguistics.