Dan Holdsworth

Argentiere Glacier, 45-5, from the series Continuous Topography, 2018

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Digital c-type print Sheet size 60,30 x 60,30 cm Image size 50,30 x 50,30 cm Edition of 20

Since 1996, the English artist Dan Holdsworth has explored the “extreme” territories that characterize humans’ changing relationship to the ‘natural’ world in the Anthropocene. In recent years, the artist has worked with academic geologists to map the exact contours of Alpine glaciers and rock formations, using drones, lasers, photography, and high-end software used by the military and academy. We encounter millions of points in space, each millimeter-perfect, plotting the outline of a changing landscape. 

The series Continuous Topography creates an image of what Holdsworth calls a “future archaeology”, in which our own temporal horizons are highlighted. The works, entirely new kinds of landscape imagery, invite us to imaginatively inhabit what initially appears to be an almost entirely abstract and immaterial, or virtual space.