Bae, Bien-U

sea 1a, 051h, 1999

om 1a - 53 v, 2007

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Gelatin-silver print on fiberbased paper, with recessed oak frame, with book
Sheet size 51.50 x 28.50 cm
Image size 51.00 x 26.00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 25 + 3 AP

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With his meditative photographs characterized by a sense of stillness and spirituality, the Korean artist Bae, Bien-U is one of his country’s leading contemporary fine arts photographers. His pictures of the pine forests near the royal shrine of the Shilla dynasty in Gyeongju, some of which look as if they have been inked with a calligraphy quill, have also secured him an outstanding position on the international photography scene. His new series, Windscapes, is devoted the landscape in motion. The Korean word for “landscape” (which is also the same in China and Japan) is made up of the characters for “wind” and “scene.” It is closely tied to the traditional, cosmological notion of the ether, a quintessence that permeates all living things.

In our first Edition from this series of works, mighty rocks enveloped in sea foam rise out of the surf, fading here and there, and sometimes sinking entirely into a delicate haze. The fog reduces the view of the ocean to an almost black-and-white scene.

Our second edition also seems almost graphic—a hilly landscape, in which the curving lines of mountain crests are staggered out to the horizon in a strong light and dark contrast until they are lost in front of a high, hazy sky.

We are very pleased to be able to offer these new, charming editions of photographs, especially since out previous Edition of a coveted photograph of the pine forest sold out very quickly. The new editions are gelatin silver prints on the best-quality photo paper in an oak wood frame.

A gelatin silver print is a high-quality black-and-white print made with an emulsion of silver halide and gelatin; they are distinguished by their faithful reproduction of detail, as well as their brilliance and durability.