Olaf Otto Becker

Greenland, 2006,Tasiussaq 3, 07/2006, 73°22'09'' N, 56°04'56'' W

Greenland, 2003,Ilulissat Icefjord, 07/2003, 69°11'50'' N, 51°12'54''

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Pigment print in portfolio Sheet size 32,90 x 48,40 cm Image size 31,50 x 39,60 cm Signed, numbered Edition von 25 + 5 AP

Becker tries to find new facets in the tradition of landscape depiction, and to do so in his latest series, Broken Line, he has made many long journeys in a rubber dinghy along the lonely coast of Greenland, at the mercy of nature and its rigors. The resulting photographs, captured in long exposures in the clear light of the midnight sun, are practically shadowless dreamscapes of unreal beauty, idealized images of the Nordic landscape.
The two motifs selected for our Collector’s Edition complement each other and show two views of the northern seascape—one of pristine icebergs in the twilight and the other of a red cabin on a fjord on the 73rd parallel.