Loredana Nemes

beautiful, 2002-2013

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2 baryta prints in folder, with signed book Sheet size 30,00 x 40,00 cm each Edition of 17 + 7 AP

“Fleeing my homeland split my life in two, cut off my roots.” At the age of thirteen Loredana Nemes fled with her family to Germany, escaping the Stalinist terror of Ceausescu regime. The photographer regards this uprooting and the ensuing new beginning in a foreign land as the impetus behind her work with the camera, her artistic approach to people. Thus, in her series beyond (2008–2010) she studied the world of men in Turkish, oriental, and Arabian cafés in the Neukölln, Kreuzberg, and Wedding neighborhoods of Berlin; in these places—not forbidden to women, but ultimately reserved for men—she created impressive images of the foreign and our curious for the unknown.
“In the meanwhile, I consider it enriching, being influenced by two cultures and having had two formative phases of life. But the loss was and still is big,” Nemes once said. The black-and-white photographs of Sibiu in Romania, from her series beautiful, testify to her longing for her lost homeland. The bare feet of children and a tricycle tell of an apparently never-ending, carefree childhood, while neighbors gossiping beneath a laundry line, or three black-gowned sisters on a sofa represent the idyll of (village) community.

We are reserving something special for all collectors: you can choose your favorite motifs from among the 80 photographs from the beautiful publication! (We will be glad to send you a PDF of the pictures, so that you can make your selection.) Your edition will come in a portfolio of high-quality baryta prints made by the artist herself, along with a signed edition of the book.