Terry Haggerty

Untitled, 2013

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A series of 4 two-color prints on paper, hand-colored with yellow, turquoise, florescent red and orange pencil, in folder, with book Sheet size 23,50 x 30,00 cm Image size 21,50 x 28,00 cm Signed and numbered edition of 16 + 5 AP

The London-born artist Terry Haggerty is known for his site-specific murals, canvases, and drawings that further develop the formal vocabulary of abstraction through a virtuoso exploration of Minimal Art and Op Art. The works are optical puzzles that create a refined illusion of spatial depth: alternatingly light and dark lines run parallel to each other, but then abruptly alter their direction, thus permitting an illusory perception of three-dimensionality within a two-dimensional visual space. The works, which are created on the computer, are distinguished by the extraordinary perfection of their execution; any sort of personal signature is obliterated, and every trace of the process of painting is covered up under several layers of varnish. Due to the highly precise craftsmanship the works seem to be of almost mechanical perfection, which contributes significantly to their impressive effect.
We are very pleased to be able to offer four individual drawings by the artist, either singly or as a set, in a Collector’s Edition. The prints are hand-colored by the artist in yellow, turquoise, neon red, and orange—fine, contoured lines whose luminosity provides a colorful, accented counterpart to the deep black, almost sculptural-like forms.

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