Eva Vermandel

Evie, White Wall, Hornsey, Dezember 2011Trees, Suffolk, April 2010

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2 inkjet prints on Canson paper, in folder, with book Sheet size 21,50 x 24,90 cm Image size 14,50 x 17,90 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 30 (20 available from Hatje Cantz)

Eva Vermandel’s photographs remind us of Old Master paintings. People and objects are still, presented in mild lighting, recalling paintings by Hans Memling, Jan Gossaert, Hans Holbein, Bronzino, or Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres—some of Vermandel’s sources of inspiration. Two brothers, probably just come from swimming, resting on bath towels; salt and pepper shakers on an old wooden table in a Dorset pub; Hanne, curled up in a ball, sleeping on a green sofa; a bouquet of wilting flowers in a living room; Cli and Joss in an affectionate embrace. With a stupendous eye—and with unmistakable heart—Vermandel records these intimate, moving scenes, which seem to have fallen out of our bustling time period. "Eva Vermandel's photographs capture the intangible—the spaces in between the mechanics of daily lives—in which we can often find moments of reverie," writes Martin Barnes, head curator of photography at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
For our Collector's Edition the Belgian photographer has selected two motifs from her current series, Splinter, which we are pleased to be able to offer in a portfolio of premium-quality, age-resistant digital pigment prints.