Robin Rhode

Door (2008-2016), 2016

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Pigment print and individual black oil crayon drawing on Hahnemühl
Sheet size 52.60 x 52.60 cm
With signed and numbered cerificate
20 original art works + 2 AP

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In its multiplicity of techniques and complex relationships, the work by the South African artist Robin Rhode (who began his career on the streets of Johannesburg) fractures the usual frameworks. His playful combination of Street art, performance, photography, video, and drawing has catapulted him to the top ranks of a younger generation of artists in demand around the globe.
In his edition Door, Rhode presents a staging of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” Two anonymous characters symbolize life and death, the transition between the material and spiritual worlds. Rhode—or his doppelgänger—appears here in twin lead roles, interacting with a drawing on the wall, while the performance is captured in a photograph, which is then turned into a print. Afterward, the painter uses oil pastels to paint the print. In its interplay of various media, forms of expression, and dimensions of time and space, this work is a succinct example of Rhode’s art.
Robin Rhode himself has painted each one of the prints in this Edition Hatje Cantz, so that no two are alike: each is unique. We will be glad to send you an overview of the varying motifs.