Niko Luoma

Symmetrium #9

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Digital pigment print, with book
Sheet size 52.00 x 42.00 cm
Image size 46.00 x 36.00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 20 + 3 AP

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Niko Luoma (*1970 in Helsinki) produces some of the most unusual work in contemporary Finnish photography. His fascinating, abstract compositions are not digitally processed, but purely analog, created through multiple exposures. Luoma’s theme and material is light, and as far as form is concerned, he is interested in process, repetition, and the serial. Inspired by mathematics and geometry, Luoma uses traces of light to create overwhelmingly charismatic images.
The artist has worked for years on major portions of his astonishingly diverse series. He has also developed our Edition Hatje Cantz, Symmetrium, in meticulously fine detail. A single negative has been compiled from thousands of individual exposures, and it is exemplary for the structures the artist uses in his attempts to make the ephemeral eternal.