Timm Ulrichs

Bild mit roten Verkaufspunktena: Verkäufliches Bild – b: Verkauftes Bild, 1963/2010

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Two cardboards, each covered by the artist with 64 red sales stickers, in wooden frame and box, with book Sheet size 21,00 x 21,00 cm each Object size 25,60 x 25,60 x 2,90 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 25

“I can’t see any more art!” was the ambiguous statement on the sign that Timm Ulrichs (*1940 in Berlin) wore around his neck during Art Cologne in 1975. In addition, the supposedly blind man wore dark glasses, an arm band, and carried a cane. As a Conceptual artist, Ulrichs has repeatedly used his own body as an art object. In 1966, for instance, he presented himself at an exhibition in a glass case as the first living work of art. The “total artist and universal dilettante” proclaims the interplay of very diverse art forms in his work.
In the work we are privileged to offer you, Timm Ulrichs plays with the concept of art and the philosophy of the art market in his usual humorous manner. At a gallery, a red dot on the frame of a picture signals whether or not a work is still available, and this idea lends Ullrich’s work its title and form. In his diptych, the artist gives permanence to this ephemeral, yet extremely important practice, by evenly covering one side of the work with these kinds of stickers, while placing a dot on the edge of the second: Sold!