Richard Prince

Greeting Card, Set

Fireman pulling drunk out of burning bed...(Einzelmotiv)

A husband came home....(Einzelmotiv)

My father was never home...(Einzelmotiv)

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3 Greeting cards with foil stamped joke, handwritten by the artist, in envelope, with book (signed)
Card size 21.60 × 14.00 cm
Signed and numbered in interior of card
Edition of 100 Single motif

Perfectly beautiful yet strangely faceless, interchangeable fashion models, bare-breasted, long-haired biker chicks posed provocatively on motorcycles ... such incarnations of male fantasies are a feature of many of the works of U.S. artist Richard Prince (born in 1949). He recycles found materials from American popular culture, most often ad images and magazine photos which he rephotographs, repaints or overpaints, arranges in collages or breaks down into fragments, thereby transforming them into works of art. Images of women representing various spheres of trivial culture, icons of advertising like the Marlboro Man, and figures borrowed from chauvinist cartoons are central motifs in his art.

Our Collector’s Edition is also associated with the text-images from Richard Prince’s Jokes. Looking like classic Hallmark cards, three greeting cards each feature a joke handwritten by the artist. Here is the wording of the jokes, which have been chosen so that the laughter quickly ceases when one becomes aware of their meaning: My father was never home, he was always away drinking booze. He saw a sigh saying DRINK CANADA DRY. So he went up there.