David Claerbout

White Hand Supporting a Black Head, 2015

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Inkjet on RAG photographique paper 310 g /m2, small digital changes in each drawing, and small changes in the drawing with pencil and with chinese ink
Sheet size 42.00 x 59.00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 18 + 4 AP

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Since the mid-1990s the Belgian artist David Claerbout has been developing an artistic oeuvre that is as concise as it is powerfully pictorial, and it has received a great deal of recognition in exhibitions around the world. Today he is known as one of the most prominent international video artists of his generation. After his classic training as a painter, he found his way to photography and film through his own passion for collecting; he sheds light on the two media, their perception and meaning, both technically and thematically. In his works he often takes found historical photographs, digitally animates them, and then combines them with his own film footage, while skillfully playing with the process of shaping time in the image. Frequently, Claerbout accelerates small incidents and moments of everyday life, condensing them into impressive allegories of life.
Claerbout’s works of art often take years to make. He produces drawings for each project, using them to prepare his compositions, which are as strictly thought-out as panel paintings are. Since some collectors avoid video art as a genre for collecting, we are particularly pleased to be able to offer you a drawing by the multimedia artist as a Edition Hatje Cantz. The artist has personally worked over each inkjet print of the virtuoso portrait drawing with ink and pencil, and hence, each one is unique—a must-have for all aficionados of contemporary art.