Wolfgang Tillmans

Abstract Pictures EGH Artist Edition

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Clothbound artist's book produced using register sheets from the publication Abstract Pictures, offset printing on a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 162, and reprinted with additional abstract designs and shapes created by the artist on the press Book size 27,5

Apart from his seminal portraits, party images, and still lifes that gained him recognition in the nineties, Wolfgang Tillmans (*1968 in Remscheid) long ago began dealing with more abstract motifs. In the past decade he has consistently developed his approach to create totally non-representational works that examine themes such as the process of exposure and image supports. From the delicate veils of color in Blushes and Freischwimmer or the sculptural paper drops made of rolled-up photographic paper, to the colorfully compelling works of the Lighter series, the photograph itself—essentially divorced from its reproductive function—becomes the objet d’art.
For his artist's book, Wolfgang Tillmans turned to the printing press with great pleasure and creativity, adding ink to the rollers himself and creating abstract forms on both sides of register sheets used during the printing of his book Abstract Pictures. The resulting doubling, smudging, and layering of images are also featured on the cover of the clothbound artist's book that was created from these sheets and assembled by hand—fascinating one-of-a-kind objects, none of which are exactly alike.