Herlinde Koelbl

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Barite print, in portfolio, with book Sheet size 40,40 x 30,00 cm Signed, numbered Edition of 25 + 5 AP

One might expect the theme of hair to be rather erotic, yet Koelbl’s new book shows unusual ways of looking at hair, and her eye goes beneath the surface. She not only captures glorious manes of curls seductively cascading down perfect bodies, but also an old man’s thinning bald spot, or a young woman’s very hairy legs. With interesting perspectives and layers of detail, she succeeds in taking fascinating photographs of the highly distinct facets of physicality, which are always presented with great humanity.
Our Collector’s Edition features a classic rear view of a splendid knot of hair at the nape of an obviously beautiful woman’s neck, elegantly presented in black-and-white. Opulence and austerity are thus charmingly kept in balance.