Olaf Heine

Barfly, Havana, Cuba, 2006

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Giclée print on Somerset Velvet paperIn folder, with book Sheet size: 40,00 x 50,50 cm Image size: 32,40 x 32,20 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 20 + 5 AP

The photographs relate stories about modern city-dwellers. They are snapshots from films that were never made. Some of the images seem familiar. They adorn numerous album covers, have appeared as photo spreads in magazines and international advertising campaigns, or can be found in Heine’s own music videos.
One example of Heine’s less familiar, more personal work is our Collector’s Edition. Regarding this impressive work, which was produced in Cuba, Matthias Harder wrote: “Heine’s work is quite focused, and he rarely leaves anything to chance. However, even a random, unexpected encounter can lead to a strong photograph. This happened in Havana, when Heine saw an old man sitting in a bar: the man was deeply sunk in his own thoughts, but still returned Heine’s gaze very intently. It would be difficult to compose a photograph any better than this, and the atmospheric, visual presentation of the mood there could hardly be any better, either.”