Andreas Gefeller

Ohne Titel (Parkhaus 1)

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C-print in folder, with book Sheet size 30,00 x 40,00 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 30 + 5 AP

Andreas Gefeller

Andreas Gefeller (*1970, Düsseldorf) lives in Düsseldorf.

1992: enrolled as a student of photography at the University of Essen; studied under Bernhard Prinz; 2000: graduated cum laude. Recipient of numerous awards, including the Peter Keetman Preis (2002) and the Kunstpreis der Stadt Nordhorn (2004).

“Impossible” perspectives and views: Andreas Gefeller shows things as they have never been seen before. His book Supervisions presents the ground plans of prefab apartment buildings, golf course greens dotted with balls, endless oil-spotted parking decks, a racetrack grandstand covered with discarded wager tickets — all in unusual bird’s-eye views and never immediately recognizable at first glance. Yet the all-over structures shown in his photographs have an unexpectedly fascinating allure akin to the appeal of an abstract painting.

Our Collector’s Edition presents a view of the floor of a parking garage, its yellow surface structured by tire tracks and painted space markings. The paint is peeling in places, spots of oil shimmer in others. Yet this prosaic image evokes an impression of almost meditative clarity by virtue of its serene composition and radiant gold hues.

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