Marrigje de Maar


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C-Print, produced by Peter Svenson, in folder
Sheet size 42.00 × 42.00 cm
Image size 37.00 × 37.00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 25 + 3 AP

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After five trips to China, a substantial body of work has taken shape. While vast areas of housing in many Chinese communes were being demolished in order to make way for the modern age and its contemporary lifestyle and attitudes, de Maar found a surprising diversity of types and uses of classical living spaces. Never before has the worn and intimate character of household life in China, in all its culturally hybrid forms, been revealed in such a direct manner.

The C print we are able to offer as a Edition Hatje Cantz is one of the most impressive images in this fascinating series. From out of the darkness of the space—the photographer used only natural light and changed nothing in the arrangement of the interiors—a few pieces of furniture and some objects appear: a table, benches, a couple of keys, pots, some cloth. Marrigje de Maar makes us see the simplest of things, their beauty, their preciousness, even. The chiaroscuro and exquisite colors of her photos recall paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. We feel like time travelers. What century produced the tableau she shows us here?