Ian Hamilton Finlay

ohne Titel, 1993

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Three-colour screen printing Sheet size 66,00 x 85,00 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 75

Ian Hamilton Finlay
"Prints 1963-1997. Druckgrafik"
Ian Hamilton Finlay, *1925 in Nassau, Bahamas.  Lives and works in Dunsyre, near Lanark, Scotland.
Writer, philosopher and sculptor. Autodidact, sporadic training at the Glasgow School of Art. In the 1950s he writes his first poems and short stories. 1961: founding of »Wild Hawthorn Press«, specialising in concrete poetry and „poster poems“. 1966: moves to a farm southwest of Edinburgh, reshaping its grounds during the following years into “Little Sparta Garden”, a famous landscape garden and “Gesamtkunstwerk.” 1990: exhibited at documenta 8.
The Scottish poet and sculptor Ian Hamilton Finlay is one of today's foremost artists. In his work, Finlay addresses historic events, such as the French Revolution or the Second World War, which have become bearers of different and sometimes contrasting meaning for him. These issues are also expressed in his outdoor installations from the 70s onwards. In his famous garden of Little Sparta at Stonypath in the countryside south- west of Edinburgh, Finlay has gradually transformed an old farm into a sculpture park where image and language merge, linking history, art history and literature in an ideal cosmos of sculptures, architectural artefacts and inscriptions.
Our collector’s edition is a stunning example of Finlay’s “poster poems” – both textually and artistically.