Philippe Bradshaw

Ball and Chain

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Necklace made of anodized, colored aluminum links with a small melody ball as a pendant; laser-printed image of a fly on the ball; in a case with book Necklace length approx. 67 cm, variable design A signed, numbered certificate is enclosed with each neck

Philippe Bradshaw
A fly in the house

Philippe Edward Bradshaw (Stamford 1965-2005 Paris).

1984: enrolled at the Polytechnic in Leicester; 1985: studied at Goldsmiths College in London; 1993–99: collaboration with Andrea Mason under the name Andrea + Philippe.

Philippe Bradshaw works with chains of all kinds — shiny, swinging, clinking. His Chain Curtains are composed of differently colored aluminum links which form familiar motifs. Bradshaw appropriates the great icons of art, the sacred cows of the educated upper middle class, with playful disrespect, ironically mingling both admiration and disdain for the concept of creative artistic achievement. At the same time, his works offer astonishing new perspectives on seemingly all-too-familiar phenomena.

For our Collector’s Edition, Philippe Bradshaw has connected different-colored aluminum links to create a very unusual necklace — with a melody ball as a pendant.

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