Julian Schnabel

CVJ - Nicknames of Maitre D's & Other Excerpts from Life EGH

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Book with handpainted linen cover, acrylic on canvas in transparent dust jacket Book size 22,70 x 30,60 cm Canvas size 39,00 x 49,00 cm Signed and numered Edition

In 1987, with CVJ – Nicknames of Maitre D's & Other Excerpts from Life, Julian Schnabel wrote a type of pictorial autobiography, retracing from the first-person perspective the artist's path to success. At that date, he had already participated in the groundbreaking exhibitions of his time: "Western Art" in Cologne (1981), "A New Spirit in Painting" in London (1981), and "Zeitgeist" (1982) in Berlin. The long out-of-print, opulently illustrated artist's book is now available as a facsimile edition, for today's readers a gorgeous testimony in the sense of "The Artist as a Young Man.”In the framework of this reissue, Julian Schnabel realized a very special project as an Edition Gerd Hatje: he has personally painted, printed, and spray-painted with acrylic paint the individual, linen hardcovers. These original paintings on canvas were then bound by hand with the facsimile. Each book is thus unique—the contents are identical, the cover its own artwork! As varied as the pieces are, they follow in the gesturally executed characteristic style and the superimposition of paint applications typical to Schnabel’s neo-expressionist painting. An exceptional collector's item and a beautiful object!