Sean Scully

Landline Red, 2015

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Aquatint, spit bite and sugar lift on paper, with book Sheet size 55,90 x 43,20 cm Image size 31,80 x 25,40 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 30 + 10 AP

“Perfect paintings are dead paintings,” says Sean Scully, describing his painting methods. The Irish-American artist, who is one of the most renowned representatives of contemporary abstract painting, has been wrestling for nearly four decades with his core theme, producing a cornucopia of fascinating variations on vertical and horizontal stripes. Sometimes narrow, sometimes wide, often applied directly with broad brushes, the stripes condense into abstract compositions whose order is broken by the artist’s visible signature, especially in the irregular contours along the edges of the stripes.
Critics love Scully’s work: an enormous “sensual force, a vortex even” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) starts with paintings reduced to a minimal vocabulary, with a “depth of soul that is rarely seen in geometric abstraction” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). His paintings can be found in the collections of more than 120 of the most important museums, and go for six-figure sums on the international art market. So we are very pleased to once again be able to offer you one of the artist’s wonderful aquatint etchings as a Collector’s Edition—great art at an attractive price. The piece, Landline Red (2015)—preceded by Landline Grey (2014) and Landline Blue (2014)—is the last in the artist’s three-part series.