Martin Liebscher

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Lambda print, sandwiched between Dibond and acrylic glass,with hook for hanging on back Image size 42,00 x 60,00 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 20

Over a period of two days in December 2008 Martin Liebscher employed his incomparable work methods to turn the Dr. Cantz’sche printers into the Liebscher World printers. The entire building—from the first-aid room to the pressroom—was filled with his pictures of hundreds of Liebschers: Liebscher administering first aid, Liebscher scanning, Liebscher editing, Liebscher printing, Liebscher showering, Liebscher . . .

The artist has also transformed different locations around the world in a similar way. His unique variation on a naturally idyllic scene graces the Collector’s Edition that we are pleased to be able to offer you. In a stunningly beautiful riverscape, the artist tries with all his might to launch a canoe into the water, probably hoping for relaxation as he paddles through untouched natural surroundings.