Andreas Schmidt

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Two C-prints in folder, with book Sheet size 30,50 x 40,50 cm Image size 28,00 x 34,50 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 30

Andreas Schmidt
Las Vegas

Andreas Schmidt (* 1967, Werneck) lives in London.

1992: BA from Nottingham Trent University. Participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

The glittering strip in Las Vegas: splendid, awash in color, radiant and oh so bright—yet it is all façade, architecture built on sand, though gigantic to be sure. Andreas Schmidt’s visionary turbo-charged odyssey through the desert metropolis shows us the gamblers’ paradise from entirely new perspectives and viewpoints—blinded by the heat of the night or hung-over the morning after; always surprising and always new.

The endless parking-lot landscape in our collector’s edition diptych looks like a scene straight out of the Rat Pack. Who would be surprised to see Sammy Davis Jr. enter the picture in a pastel-colored convertible? Time stands still in Schmidt’s showcase window. One might well wish to be there, leaning against the window frame and watching the scene unfold.

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