Ulrich Hensel

Nr. 11, Düsseldorf, Grünstraße, 1998Nr. 18, Düsseldorf, Hans-Vilz-Weg, I, 2003Set

Nr. 11, Düsseldorf, Grünstraße, 1998Einzelmotiv

Nr. 18, Düsseldorf, Hans-Vilz-Weg, I, 2003Einzelmotiv

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Two c-prints Sheet size 45,10 x 63,10 cm/ 58,00 x 48,10 cm Image size 37,00 x 55,00 cm/ 50,00 x 40,00 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 18 + 2 AP

Recalling the geometric abstraction of Kazimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian, the large-format, almost life-sized photographs by Düsseldorf artist Ulrich Hensel are produced at construction sites. Their fields of color are compositions created by a range of construction materials. For over two decades the artist has committed himself with unusual dedication to a body of work focused on this subject matter, while producing a seemingly endless spectrum of images. The photographs are actual representations of construction sites; they have neither be staged nor digitally reworked according to the artist’s imagination. The images result from the efforts of the construction workers, says Hensel with an ironic twinkle in his eye: “They create the art. I just see it.” These chance discoveries turned photographs seem markedly three-dimensional. Although flat images, they have the effect of elaborate, three-dimensional installations—producing a fascinating interplay between notions of the authentic and the simulated, the original and the reproduction. We are pleased to be able to offer you two of Ulrich Hensel’s most lyrical construction site images, high quality C-prints available individually or as a set in a portfolio and accompanied by the photographer’s current publication Sites.