David Goldblatt

Kwezinaledi, Lady Grey, Eastern Cape

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Digital pigment print on handmade paper, in folder, with book Sheet size: 30,50 x 39,50 cm Image size: 27,90 x 37,20 cm Numbered Edition of 30 + 5 AP

David Goldblatt
Hasselblad Award 2006

David Goldblatt (*1930 in Randfontein, South Africa) lives in Johannesburg.

Professional photographer since 1962. Works in advertising and for magazines. Freelance projects on social problems and apartheid in South Africa. Participated in the Documenta 11 in 2002. Recipient of the 2006 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.

The international art scene was late in recognizing David Goldblatt’s profound photographic works. Okwui Enwezor played an important role in his discovery. Ever since the South African artist participated in the Documenta 11, curated by Enwezor, Goldblatt’s valuable work has received the attention it deserves. His sensitively observed photographs are symbolic and always narrative; the unintiated understand some of it only after reading a description of the image. The photographs tell of life on the Cape, under the apartheid regime, and afterward; they speak of ostracism, inequality, poverty, and violence.

There is always more behind Goldblatt’s epic landscapes than what appears at first on the surface. For instance, our Collector’s Edition features the ruins of a building from a failed public housing project, as well as the leftovers of a children’s game on the meadow in the foreground: children full of hope had already outlined their future homes with stones.

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