Marcel van Eeden

Aus der Serie K. M. Wiegand

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Original drawing, inserted in the book Sheet size approx. 14,00 x 19,00 cm Signed 10 original drawings

Marcel van Eeden
K. M. Wiegand. Life and Work

Marcel van Eeden (*1965 in The Hague) lives and works in The Hague.

Numerous solo exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad since 1993, including shows at GEM, museum voor actuele kunst, The Hague, in 2003 and at the museum franz gertsch, Burgdorf, Switzerland, in 2004.

The Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden produces at least one drawing every day. His sources are photographs, many of them taken from newspapers or magazines. His only requirement is that these photographs must have originated before 1965—before he was born. In this way, van Eeden undertakes an almost encyclopedic exploration of the world of his parents and grandparents, a world he could not experience with his own five senses.

Marcel van Eeden has selected ten pencil drawings from his series on the life and work of K. M. Wiegand for this Collector’s Edition. Each drawing is a valuable original showing a different garden scene. K. M. Wiegand was a botanist active during the first half of the twentieth century for whom the artist has created a turbulent fictitious biography.

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