Kyungwoo Chun

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C-Print in folder, with signed and numbered book Sheet size 44,00 x 34,60 cm Image size 40,00 x 30,60 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 25 + 3 AP

The Korean photographer-artist Kyungwoo Chun (*1969) became known for his portraits, poetically blurred by their extremely long exposure times, which show much more than the usual type of photograph, and in a very different way.

407 years ago, a Chinese general by the name of Chun went to Korea on a field campaign and remained there, becoming the first person of that name in Korea. Kyungwoo Chun, whose family name means “thousand,” traveled to China to visit the general’s birthplace, where today, countless Chuns reside. For Thousands, Chun photographed thousands of people with the same last name as his: for him, each one represents thousands more who spread throughout world over the course of time. The portraits intensify the moment of encounter between the Korean artist, who lives in Germany, and the Chinese, as well as countless Chuns around the world—both a return home and a new beginning.

This opulent color photograph, selected for our Collector’s Edition, shows a “General” in glittering armor in Chun’s signature out-of-focus style. This majestic patriarch sends his greetings through the centuries to his descendents and to modern-day people.