Ulrich Strothjohann

Reenactment Spielautomat, 2016

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Multiple Wood, acrylic, in handmade galvanized metal box
Object size 48,00 x 35,00 x 4,50 cm
Box size 50,00 x 37,00 x 6,00 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 15 + 2 AP

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The artist Ulrich Strothjohann has produced an object series entitled Spielautomat/Reenactment for Edition Hatje Cantz. This multiple is an interpretation of the front of a slot machine game that appears in a photograph from his Mapping Holes series. Deposited as refuse on the curb in the photograph, the worn-out object is transformed by the artist into a three-dimensional wooden wall and art object. Strothjohann recreates the cut-outs and holes seen in the original picture directly by hand on a varnished, wood panel. The hand-painted lettering of each unique object spells out names such as “MAGIC BOOSTER,” “TURBO SUNNY,” “GHOST SLIDER” and “ MYSTIK MIRROR,” and cite actual names of the slot games that had existed at one time. Each is housed in a galvanized metal storage box handmade by the artist.