Sigalit Landau

Mouth Paintings

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Painting done by mouth and tongue with food coloring, with book Sheet size 56,50 x 48,00 cm Signed originals Edition of 15 unique works

“Art is an opportunity to survive the tragedy of my country,” states Sigalit Landau, the Israeli sculptor who is also an installation and video artist. In an exploration of her Jewish identity, her works focus on questions of foreignness, migration, the individual, society, reality, and utopia.

In her latest work, The Dining Hall, Landau deals with food, purification rituals, and the preparation of food—not just as requirements for survival, but also with the bitter taste that goes along with these issues in the age of global capitalism. Themes such as lack and surplus, East and West, past and present come into conflict.

We are very pleased to be able to offer an original work by the artist as a Collector’s Edition: a painting done by mouth and tongue with food coloring, available in a limited edition of fifteen.
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