Ville Lenkkeri


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Lenkkeri came to photography through film, and to this day, traces of his past can be seen in his present-day approach to art. The photographer’s refined way of playing with reality and fiction continually leads the viewer onto thin ice. Greek Temple, for instance, seems to feature ancient ruins, yet upon closer inspection it can be seen that the dimensions are somewhat out of proportion. And, in fact, the photograph was taken in the miniature model of Europe built in Brussels.

For our Edition Hatje Cantz, Lenkkeri has also photographed a kind of stage setting: a mural with an ice-blue glacier, which he discovered in a building in Pyramiden, an abandoned coal-mining settlement on the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean.
Ville Lenkkeri (*1972 in Oulu, Finland) lives in Stockholm.

Studied film at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, and at the National Film and Television School in London. Studied at the Hochschule für Buchkunst und Grafik, Leipzig, as well as