Janne Lehtinen

White Wings

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C-print in folder, with book Sheet size 30,00 x 40,00 cm Image size 27,00 x 38,00 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 25 + 5 AP

In his Sacred Bird series, Finnish fine arts photographer Janne Lehtinen explores an ancient human dream: that of flight. The photographs document the determined attempts of a young man to take to the skies with help from the most peculiar homemade flying machines or feathered arms. These fictitious scenes from a true story, as Lehtinen himself calls them, are inspired by ancient mythology, among other things, but contain primarily autobiographical references – Lehtinen’s father is a famous Finnish glider pilot.

Our Collector’s Edition, entitled White Wings, is a serene, poetic record of a flight attempt made in a snowy landscape – for everyone who also dreams of flying!