Tobias Zielony

Car, 2000

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C-Print in folder Sheet size 30,40 x 40,00 cm Signed and numbered Edition of 20 + 3 AP

Tobias Zielony is one of today’s most remarkable young photographers. Questions of open and latent violence are the focal point of his work, along with his exploration of the various forms taken by present-day (youth) revolts. He is less interested in documenting the conditions under which young people live than in the ways that they present themselves to the rest of society.
It is “this completely parenthetical form of social behavior” that is impressively presented in his work, for example in the works made in recent years in Knowle West in Bristol, the prefabricated housing development in Halle-Neustadt, the Quartiers Nord in Marseille, South Los Angeles or, most recently, in Winnipeg, Canada.
Our Collector’s Edition is taken from Tobias Zielony’s Car Park series which was awarded the Observer Hodge Award for young photojournalism in 2000.